Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And Then There Were Three

I've had some really great feedback on the book lately and I've come to a conclusion.  The one book is now going to become a trilogy.  Oh, and that doesn't mean that this book is going to be the first book in the trilogy.  No, I'm too lazy to write two more books, even though I know I eventually will.  I'm actually taking this book and breaking it up into three parts.  The story as it's written practically lends itself to this sort of format.  I've found where the story breaks are going to be and I'm going to start working on rewriting what will become the first book in the series.  

There are some people out there reading the book as a whole and a couple of them have asked me if they should stop reading it.  Nah.  The overall arc of the story is going to remain in tact.  So you really aren't going to miss much.  But many things will be different.  

I will be altering a couple of characters as well as a relationship.  I'm also going to combine two characters into one since they're already so similar and serve a similar purpose.  I'm eliminating another character and subplot altogether because they don't really do anything to advance the story.  An antagonist is going to be introduced earlier and I think he's going to be much scarier.  Finally, a very minor character is going to come back and play a major role in the second book after giving us a cliff-hanger and the end of book one.

I know that's all very vague, but I don't want to give away the farm.  I know it's really vague for anyone who hasn't read the book yet at all.  You will.  It's gonna be huge.