Body Parts

Your feet keep the beat when you walk down the street
Your legs are like pegs when you stand
Your arms have their charms for reaching snooze alarms 
So lets give your arms each a big hand 

You sung with your tongue and that air in each lung
Made your song twice as long as you thought
But each ear made it clear you can’t sing what you hear
‘Cause you think you’re on key, but you’re not  

Your heart’s a big part because it has to cart
All that blood to your muscles and bones 
And your spine is just fine - it keeps your body in line
And sends messages just like telephones

Invest in your intestine, it helps in digestin’ 
That food that’s sitting deep in your gut
And though it was yummy, once it’s done in your tummy
It comes out your big you-know-what

Your brain is the main organ that you contain
But keep this one under your hat
You think of the rest that your brain is the best
But look at what’s telling you that

© 2000 Dylan White

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