Monday, May 9, 2011

I Should Be Sleeping

So it's one-thirty in the morning and I've been struggling with this one chapter for the better part of the day. That's a ridiculous expression.  Why would I be struggling for the better part of the day?  The struggle implies that it wasn't good.  So why would it be better to struggle?  So really, I've been struggling with this chapter for a large portion of the day.  

Point being, it's not done.  And I'm tired.  And I really should be getting to bed.  My body is telling me to go to sleep and I know if I don't get enough sleep, at some point tomorrow, I'm going to have a major headache.  The thing is, the chapter is almost finished and I know how I'm going to finish it.  Well, that is, I know what needs to happen to finish it.  Actually executing that ending in such a way that it flows and makes sense and is concise, yet compelling, is a different matter altogether.  And that's because I need to go to bed.  

But instead of going to bed, I'm blogging.  Instead of writing the chapter, I'm blogging.  Why?  The most obvious answer is because I'm an idiot.  But, really, it's because I can't stand the thought of going to bed and having this chapter unfinished and I can't finish the chapter because I'm too tired to write it well.  So instead, I'm venting in my blog.  

I know that if I go to bed, I will wake up rested and I will be able to finish the chapter easily in the morning.  But, like I said, I hate to go to bed with something unfinished.  However, I guess since the book itself is unfinished and there's no way in Helena, Montana that I'm going to conquer that tonight, I should just go to bed.  

Did you really read this whole blog post?  Wow.  You must be avoiding going to bed, too.

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